There's bunch of common questions below that may help you with any queries about Scattergun. If you need help, just email

Can I import my existing mailing list? Yes, absolutely! Just email and we'll get you started. We're working on a way to automate this in the future.
Can I export my mailing list out of Scattergun? Yes. We'll be sad to see you go, but if you decided Scattergun isn't the right fit, you'll always be able to download your mailing list in CSV format. This feature isn't available through the app as yet so just email and we'll manually export it for you.
What happens when I exceed the free tier? You won't be able to email your list until you create a paid subscription. We'll still keep collecting subscribers for you though; so if you'd like to build up a list before starting to email it, you can do so for free until you're ready to start sending emails!
Can I see how many people open my emails? No. Not now. Not ever. Email tracking is invasive and we're taking a stand against it. Scattergun offers no tracking on emails sent out whatsoever.
Can I embed a subscription box on my own website? Absolutely. Scattergun was designed to make it super easy to collect email addresses. Just log into your account and follow the instructions to embed our subscription component on your website.