Mailing lists without the fluff!

Most mailing list apps do far too much. They're steeped in invasive tracking and bloated with more features than you can eat.
What if all you want to do is send emails to a list of subscribers?

Using Scattergun, you can collect email addresses on your website via our embeddable subscription component and then email that list using an email alias. No invasive tracking, no spy pixels, no bullsh*t...

New sign-ups are temporarily paused until we migrate our billing system to a Merchant of Record.

This is necessitated due the EU's ridiculous place-of-supply VAT laws. The admin overhead makes it impossible for small businesses to operate without an intermediary.

We'll be back up and running very soon!

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Send emails using your own email address ... or not

Scattergun can email your list on your behalf using your email address. Or if you'd prefer to keep your email private, we'll use a specially generated Scattergun email address. Whatever you prefer, Scattergun has you covered!

If you've already got a mailing list, you can import it into Scattergun! Just send us an email after you've created your account.

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